Our Goal: Make ordering easy for you and your customers.

Our mission is to consistently deliver practical, innovative, and efficient ordering solutions that impact your restaurant’s bottom line.

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We Increase Sales


NuOrder Technologies is a multi-platform ordering service for restaurants & retail.

We Boost Order Frequency

What We Do:

We deliver leading edge technology designed specifically to increase sales at the store level.

We Improve Order Efficiency

How We Do It:

We equip our partners with the fastest and most accurate ordering technology in the industry.


Responsive Online Ordering

Responsive Online Ordering:

Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet
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Over 50% of your customers visit you on a mobile device. We make sure they place an order before setting down their phone.
  • Online Ordering For Any Sized Device
  • 100% Customizable Menu Layout & Design
  • Group Ordering & Easy Catering
  • Customer Login Profiles with Order History
  • Schedule Future & Catering Orders
  • Custom Pizza & Sandwich Builders
Native iOS & Android Apps

Mobile Apps:

Native Apps for iOS and Android
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The app is an instant reminder that your food is just a few taps away...
  • Custom Apps Designed for Your Brand
  • Perfect for Chains, Franchises and Independents
  • Works on All iOS & Android Devices
  • Available FREE in iTunes App & Google Play Stores
POS Integrations

POS Integrations:

Aloha, Micros, Positouch, and more
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Lots of guys say they "do POS Integration", but we got the chops to prove it.
  • Orders Sent Directly to Kitchen POS
  • Restaurant Menu Synched Daily with Kitchen POS
  • Proactive / Automatic Order Error Management
  • Payment Processed Locally in Your Store, Right Away
Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing:

Email, SMS, Push, Passbook, Social Media
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Need to flood your restaurant with customers when times get slow? We have the tools to make it happen.
  • Reach Customers with Real Time Promotions
  • Custom Messages Sent to All Your Loyal Customers
  • Spread the Word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Trigger Messages with Bluetooth Geolocation & Beacon Technology
  • Easy Customer Login Using Facebook & Google Accounts
Data Analytics

Data Analytics:

Customer Profiling, Real Time Data Tracking, Automated Promotions
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Are you still spending money on FSI's? Stop what you're doing right now, and call us. Seriously...
  • Analyze Real Time Customer Spending Habits
  • Create Specific Promotions Based on Individual Customer Preference
  • Reward Your Loyal Customers with VIP Benefits
  • Reach Out to One Time Visitors and Invite Them Back
  • All on One, Easy to Use Dashboard
Dashboard & Tablet

Dashboard & Tablet:

Order tracking and Real Time Updates at Your Fingertips
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Need to update your menu or run a promo on a moment's notice? We help you make it happen.
  • Track Orders the Moment they are Placed
  • All in One, Intuitive User Dashboard
  • Manage Refunds, Store Hours, Prep Time, Order History & MORE
  • Easy to Use Menu Management -- 86 Items on the Fly!
  • Create and Send Deals to Your Loyal Customers