Asmongold Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend – 2021

Asmongold Net Worth – $2.5 million

Asmongold is a famous twitch streamer and youtuber from Texas, his real name is Zack, he mostly plays World Of Warcraft and streaming on twitch. As of 2021, Asmongold has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. With 19.6 million hours watched, Asmongold was the most-watched WoW streamer in 2018! The over 18 k subscribers allow him to earn about $45,000 per month. Apart from selling merchandise, brand endorsements, donations, and ad revenues.

Араrt frоm WoW, Asmongold hаѕ other mоѕt-wаtсhеd vіdеоs as well. Some of these are ‘Ноw Муthіс Nіght hоld Аlmоѕt Dеѕtrоуеd mу Guіld аnd Ма’ and ‘Ноw tо Рlау аn Аrmѕ Wаrrіоr іn Раtсh аnd mаnу mоrе correctly.’

Altogether, Asmongold has combined YouTube views of over 447 million views. But note that most of the views on YouTube are claimed. He is also known to produce music on Spotify. So, the estimated net worth of Asmongold comes to about $2.5 million.

Today, he is among the highest-earning streamers globally. And if you still doubt that a streamer can make so much money online, then after reading about Asmongold’s revenue, we believe all your doubts will be cleared.

Asmongold, Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend

Net Worth$2.5 million
Real NameZack
Age30 years old
BirthdayApril 20, 1990
Height5.8 feet / 176 cm
GirlfriendPink Sparkles
Live InAustin, Texas
OccupationTwitch Streamer

World-famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer Asmongold was born in 1991 as Zack. He has been playing World of Warcraft since 2006 and created his Twitch channel in 2011. Twitch was launched as a streaming platform that focuses on videogame streaming. Asmongold started streaming videos in 2016.

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About Asmongold

Born in Texas, Asmongold has more than 1.7 million followers on his Twitch channel. With a game time experience of over 3.5 years, he enjoys being known as the guild leader for ‘Indestructible,’ the Alliance Progressive Raiding Guild.

He has gone on to accumulate more than 28,999 achievement points. This, in turn, helped him acquire 3.8 million gold points. He also possesses 4.5 million health points plus an ilvl of 925.

With supportive parents and siblings, Asmongold is reputably one of the greatest World of Warcraft players. He is also termed as a true legend when it comes to the gaming industry. 

Asmongold used to date Twitch streamer Pink Sparkles, who has over 203k followers on Instagram. They broke up in December 2019 after more than a year and a half of being together.

How Much Money Does Asmongold make?

Asmongold is super popular among online gamers. He is a social media personality, YouTuber, and an online streamer. Hence, he has made money from multiple sources.

He has a YouTube channel with over 300k subscribers, where he mostly updates content from his online streaming. On Twitch, he has received around a million subscribers.

how much asmongold make money

Apart from this, he also receives a high income from various sponsorships, subscriptions, and product placements.

Asmongold wasn’t always as popular as he is now. He said that his popularity and success eventually came because of his relentless determination and knowledge about his game-playing skills and insights.

he also has nine YouTube channels. These are:

1. Asmongold

This channel came into being on June 4, 2013. At present, there are more than 329k subscribers with over 77 million views.

2. ZackRawrr

This channel has over 14 million views. It came into being on August 29, 2008. He published IRL stuff on this channel.

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3. CatDany — Asmongold Highlights

With more than 73 million views, Asmongold created this channel on December 12, 2012.

4. Best of Asmongold

Asmongold first created this channel on November 23, 2018. Now, it has more than 27 million views.

5. Everything Twitch [Asmongold]

Created on August 21, 2012, this channel has got more than 47 million views.

6. Asmongold Moments

This channel has more than 31 million views and was created on June 15, 2015.

7. Daily Dose of Asmongold

The creation of this channel was on May 18, 2018. More than two years later, it has over 74 million views.

8. Asmongold TV

This is his latest channel that was started on December 9, 2019. After almost a year, it has got over 104 million views with more than 297k subscribers.

9. CatDany

This channel came into being on March 25, 2017. At present, it has over 160k views. It is a channel where Asmongold describes it as his second channel for uploads that are random, like music and memes.

How much does Asmongold make on Twitch?

Since this legend created his Twitch account in 2011, Asmongold has managed to garner 1 million followers. His videos also have over 110 million views. With an average of 22,000 viewers per stream, the highest views for one of his videos were 98,500 viewers!

What is Asmongold’s net worth

Usually, streamers make money through subscribers. Ad revenue, and donations, to name a few. With over 18,000 Twitch subscribers, he makes a minimum of $2.50 for every subscriber.

This gives a total of around $45,000 in a month, totaling up to $540,000 in a year. This WoW gamer also makes an equally high income with the help of other avenues.

As of 2021, Asmongold has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.


How much does Asmongold make a year?

What is Asmongold worth?

With an average of 22,000 viewers per stream, the highest views for one of his videos were 98,500 viewers! As of 2021, Asmongold has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

When Zack was six-years-old, he came up with the name ‘Asmongold’ when he was playing with his friends in the woods. That’s how the player’s name was derived. He is known to often stream with Mcconnell, who is another WoW streamer.

With 31.3k follows on Instagram, Asmongold has left no stone unturned when it comes to the gaming world. His Twitch channel came second as the most-watched WoW Channel. It also ranked at number 7 as the overall most-watched channel on Twitch! 

Today, the internet world provides endless opportunities for anyone to make it big and earn a living. Among those opportunities, some of the top-paying career options are that of a YouTuber, social media personality, and online video streaming. 

Believe it or not, but online video game streaming can help you make millions of dollars. One such personality is Asmongold. He is a star on Twitch and is an extremely popular World of Warcraft streamer here. Through online streaming, he has made a huge fortune in terms of millions.

Asmongold sure does know how to keep his subscribers entertained. This is evident by the way in which he streamed for 25 straight hours! Till July 2020, Zack had over 1501 days of game time in World of Warcraft across all his characters!

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