Earning Residual Income Online: Passive Income From Works Already Published

Residual income is money that keeps coming in long after a piece of Web content has been completed. Until the Internet, residual income from writing was usually confined to royalties paid to book authors as their books continued to sell. There are now many websites that offer a similar way to keep money coming in. The residuals paid to Web writers are paid either for the number of views the page gets or the amount that is brought in through advertising revenue. Some sites pay as a combination of both factors.

PageView Residual Income

There are sites that pay a fixed amount based on pageviews.

Revenue-Sharing Websites

Paying websites are increasingly going to a format of revenue sharing. Sites like eHow have a proprietary formula that calculates a specific percentage of the money made by the writer’s content and pays them residuals based on that percentage. Sometimes a revenue-sharing site will mix in an amount based on the number of pageviews or the growth of traffic coming to the page.

Write Your Own Web Content

Residual income can also be earned by publishing works to the writer’s website. The income can be derived from Adsense income, from other ads placed on the site or from affiliate income. There are many people who earn a full-time income from their own websites. But, marketing such sites and finding a large enough audience for them can take years. Writing for a website that publish the work and offer a percentage of the revenue means that the writer has to share the income, but it also means that the site takes care of some of the marketing. A popular enough site, such as About.com come with an audience already in place waiting to read new content.

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