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Fortnite trickshots thumbnail – you know what’s going on guys phase orbit here and as you can tell by the title I’m gonna be showing you guys my trickshot thumbnail the best trickshot how I trickshot stuff like that so um if you guys want to hit crazy shots like this or like this.

fortnite trickshot
best of fortnite trickshot
best of fortnite trickshot thumbnail

you guys want to eat crazy shots like that make sure to follow this content all the way through so you can umm okay so here are my settings so if you’re on PC here are the visual settings you distance epic off-off-off lolololo just to get like the best performance we’re gonna be focusing on these settings right here.

top of fortnite trickshot thumbnail

Ignore the mouse and keyboard stuff because I use controller so controller sensitivity for me is all the way up and sensitivity for wise all the way up so the reason I play like this is so that I can tell you get comfortable spinning because if I get to a little ass guy.

fortnite trickshot tutorial

And then I change it I’m just gonna like I’m gonna be like confusing myself because I keep changing my sensitivity but if I keep a sensitivity all the way up at all times and um you know you get comfortable this is it really for trickshotting here but if you guys want to come to my targeting in scope go for it.

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top of fortnite trickshot

Now we can move on to the key bonds so but before I get into the key binds make sure you guys go to the item shop and use code or be’ in the bottom right hand side it’s 100% free and you’re gonna be supporting me and all these contents thanks so much.

fortnite trickshot thumbnail

These are my key binds um if you guys are interested I don’t think any of this really matters oh hey this really matters actually so if you want a trick shot properly like I do I’m gonna make sure this is all the way down you want to like start to spinning as fast as possible so if you guys don’t know what this means so basically that little blue circle you see right there.

3D Fortnite Thumbnails

top of fortnite trickshot thumbnails

That’s the dead zone that means that any movement inside that dead zone won’t won’t register so you want to keep it as low as possible so you can spin as fast as possible for example let me change this one real quick.

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all the way up so look the analog stick is right here it won’t see it won’t register in so you go all the way over here so now that we have all the settings out the way we can actually start we can start talking about the in-game trickshotting stuff.

fortnite Trickshots Tutorial

so I’m gonna try to break this down as easy as possible okay there are styles of trickshotting in four-night right now my style is I like to spin and I don’t like to stop and stare for too long oh I’m by the way this is a settings for a controller.

so people on mouse and keyboard if you set your dpi high enough I think you can still trickshot like I do but this is mainly for ps4 controllers or even Xbox if you want the other style of tricks running is you just jump off or you just do some cool stuff like this I just can’t stop happening okay so the other style of tricks running is you don’t spin me.

I personally don’t like that because it’s just like I don’t know oh wow I hit that I’m not hitting on anyone style you can go for it ever you want if you think it’s fun if you think it’s cool go for it but I personally enjoy spinning more if you can make it look good so spinning gonna make sure you time your spins good enough.

I’m gonna spin and try to aim towards this metal tower so you see you get the idea you just got to make sure your time your spins right I’m aiming at this tree right here why you just want to get this general area see like if you’re in the air you gotta make sure you time your spins correctly.

how they’re breaking the metal walls no okay so once once you get your timing right omus hit that so once you get your spins down right you can start incorporating stuff into your trick shots like what I like to do is shoot and then just like that.

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see it looks cool obviously the honey rifles not in no more please epic put the honey back make sure to subscribe to the channel I’m gonna be posting way more content if you guys like contents like these make sure to smash the like button.

and um yeah also if you guys want me to make a map just like this but better obviously like this is I just made this really quick just for this content but you guys want me to make like a cool trick shotting Matt um just let me know down in the comments.

and um yeah I’ll start making one see look that looks way better than just doing this but you couldn’t incorporate easy little stuff like that into your trick tanto make you look way better the cool thing.

you can incorporate is going to shoot by your gun take out your pickaxe take off the gun again shoot it and then and then shoot your actual sniper now when you do this fast this is what it’s going to look like so it looks like it’s switched to your shotgun immediately.

this is kind of like a if you trick on it and call of duty this is kind of like a it’s the swamp so you see you can’t even tell the that you pulled out of the shotgun first this is that again just like that see like as soon as I put this pickaxe away it’s gonna take out my shotgun see just like that smooth.

but this is for controller if you’re I think your if you’re on keyboard you could pull out any gun you want so once you get that down you want to swing the pickaxe okay let’s try that in there oh my god I’m hitting these shots see how clean that looks.

so once pink start getting complicated for me what I like to do is to play like this where you move your left thumb from this analog to this one so I can spin and then I’m free to use any of these to like switch my guns or anything and that’s what I do so like I don’t like I’m really I’m trying to really hard explain this.

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I don’t know it works it just works differing in my brain so I wish I can can man I just do this hop on the launch pad see see how I move my left thumb to this I think this is called um I think it’s called stretch when you stretch your left thumb to the right analog stick.

I’m gonna do a redeploys shot just like this see how I move it basically I just use stretch when I jump off of stuff and spin and then I could just switch my weapons you know pull on my pickaxe huge with these the three things you want to do.

make sure you time your spins correctly make sure you incorporate cool stuff into your trick shot if you want you can play stretch just so your spins looks smooth okay I’m gonna try to hit this trick shot real quick with a shockwave with the tower.

if you guys want to do this trick show all you got to do is build a launch pad and then build three floors away and then start building like I think it’s up to nine or ten or eight and then you come to this to one plank before and then just look all the way up throw it jump on the launch pad just like that let’s try to hit this real quick all right guys if I hit this you guys make sure to use my coat on the item shop wow I actually hit that okay guys I’m gonna put the gameplay where I had a trick shot at the end yeah this is basically how a church on in a game.