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How Much Money McJuggerNuggets Makes from youtube

How Much Money Does McJuggerNuggets Makes on Youtube? – In such a digitalized world, the internet has become one of the most sought-after career platforms worldwide.

Today, it is no secret that most YouTube stars make millions solely by creating content targeted towards entertainment, education, reviews, or simply for fun! One such popular Youtuber is Jesse Tyler Ridgway, a.k.a McJuggerNuggets.

Most people actually find it hard to believe that YouTube stars make a great fortune from content creation. And if you’re one among them, all your doubts will be cleared once you get an insight into how much money does McJuggerNuggets make!

From creating the famous “Psycho Series” to uploading family videos to online streaming, McJuggerNuggets surely knows how to keep his audience entertained and increase his bank balance! 

Let’s have a closer look at this 28-year-old YouTuber’s net worth and how he started making so much on the internet.

About McJuggerNuggets:

Jesse Tyler Ridgway, better known by the name RiDGiD STUDiOS or McJuggerNuggets, was born on September 29th, 1992, in New Jersey, US. He started his YouTube channel back in December 2006 with some random video updates, including short films and movies such as The G.A.M.E., Overachievers, etc.

McJuggerNuggets youtube Networth

However, he rose to fame after his “Psycho Series” on his YouTube channel. The series revolved around the story of two brothers and a psychotic father. Currently, McJuggerNuggets has more than 4 million dedicated subscribers.

Other than McJuggerNuggets, Jesse also runs the RiDGiD GAMiNG channel on YouTube with more than 300k subscribers. This channel is for uploading his Twitch streaming videos and clips.

Other than gaming videos and short films, Jesse also uploads vlogs about his daily life and some family videos. In fact, his most recent updates on McJuggerNuggets also involve his friends and family, where they play the trendy ‘Among Us,’ game, and host some bake-off challenges.

How much money does McJuggerNuggets make on YouTube?

YouTube is an excellent online platform for making money. If you have an interesting or fun concept that can garner people’s attention, you can easily start earning a lot through YouTube.

As said earlier, McJuggerNuggets has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube presently. Jesse didn’t become a YouTube celebrity overnight. He started slow and steady with just around 100 views during his initial days as a YouTuber.As of today, McJuggerNuggets has gathered more than 1.9 billion views and continues to attract new subscribers.

McJuggerNuggets Networth

On average, the videos posted on McJuggerNuggets accumulate around 650k views in one day. Hence, as an estimate, the average views generate an ad income of about $1,200 regularly, which comes to around $440k annually. This is the estimated income of McJuggerNuggets from YouTube advertisements alone.

Generally, YouTubers earn around $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized views, ranging from around 40% – 80% of the total views on one video.

This earning is only after YouTube takes it cut. Additionally, monetized views are further affected by other factors such as the audience’s location, the number of ads per video, skipped video ads, ad inventory, types of ads, types of content, etc. Also, note that an ad’s cost will vary depending upon the price set by the advertisers.

Another way of income generation on YouTube comes from a program called Google Preferred. In this program, the advertisement revenue rates are higher than the usual ones. Additionally, YouTubers are also paid according to the average watch time spent on their video through the YouTube Red program.

Here is an estimated income chart of McJuggerNuggets for the latest months:

MonthEstimated Income  
January 2020$9.33k
February 2020$3.57k
March 2020$3.92k
July 2020$12.3k
August 2020$7.39k
September 2020$6.55k

McJuggerNuggets Total Net worth:

Where is McJuggerNuggets now

Jesse Tyler Ridgway, or as you may call, McJuggerNuggets makes an impressive annual revenue of about $440k. He is best known for his original content, the Psycho series, which included his brother and father, a.k.a the “Psycho Dad.” He earns through his YouTube channel by frequently uploading entertaining vlogs and videos.

Today, the estimated net worth of Jesse, or McJuggerNuggets, stands at a whopping $5 million. Major parts of this massive amount come from his online career alone.

Additional Earning of McJuggerNuggets:

McJuggerNuggets alone has a large audience base with over 4million subscribers. So, there is no doubt that Jesse makes most of his revenue from the McJuggerNuggets channel. Ever since the hit of the Psycho Series, McJuggerNuggets has only been reaching for the stars.

Through various advertisements, paid partnerships, YouTube programs, and collaborations with other well-known YouTubers, McJuggerNuggets has made quite a large income for himself! From YouTube ads alone, McJuggerNuggets’ daily revenue comes up to $1,200, which is still a dream for many.

Besides his primary way of making money, Jesse also has an additional income source through his second YouTube channel titled RiDGiD GAMiNG. This channel has a subscriber base of over 300k members, which is quite enough to generate some kind of income through YouTube ads.

How Much Money Does McJuggerNuggets Make

Jesse also has a merchandise line on Etsy known as The Juggies Store, from which he adds more money to his total net worth. Here, he sells various kinds of items such as beanies, t-shirts, posters, hoodies, and many more. On Etsy, Jesse has sold more than 15,000 items so far.

Finally, Jesse co-owns a storytelling and video-sharing service app along with television director Brian Spitz. This service was founded in 2017 and has become another successful way of income generation for Jesse.  


It came as a huge blow for all the Juggies (fans of McJuggerNuggets) when Jesse made a shocking announcement in September 2019 that he would leave his YouTube channels by January 2020. Following the news, earlier this year, Jeffrey Ridgway (Jesse’s father) took ownership of Jesse’s YouTube channel after he left the platform.

However, on the 12th of April, 2020, a video was uploaded on the channel called “Begging Psycho Dad For My Channel Back!” in which Jesse asks for his channel back from his father due to some financial problems as a result of the pandemic. This video marked the entry of Jesse into YouTube again, and he successfully got back his channel.

Presently, Jesse has gotten back on track and continues to make good revenue by uploading entertaining and fun video content on his McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel.

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