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Patty Mayo Additional Income

How Much Money Does Patty Mayo Makes On YouTube? – Technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the world in plenty of ways. Among all the growing technologies, the internet is one of them. Not only does it help people stay in touch, but it also helps in learning and teaching new things.

But what’s fun and interesting is that the internet can also help people make money! How? By streaming videos and posting pictures. Yes! Platforms like YouTube and Instagram are places where people actually make a living, even in terms of millions.

To understand how and why, we will take a look at one such famous YouTuber, Patty Mayo. He is known to be a ‘bounty hunter’ and uploads several videos of investigations and arrests. So, how do these videos help him earn money and fame? Keep reading to know more.    

About Patty Mayo:

Born Patrick Thomas Tarmey on July 6, 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts, this 33-year-old YouTuber is a celebrated bounty hunter. His YouTube channel, which is self-titled, was created in November 2013. If you scroll through his channel, you will find videos of blogs, challenges, pranks, and more. 

How much does Patty Mayo make on YouTube

However, the most popular ones are the videos of criminals’ arrests, where he takes his viewers through different methods of arrests, investigations, and other events. This content has allowed him to garner almost 800 million views on the channel. 

Mayo doesn’t like to divulge much information about his personal life. But it has been found that he is dating a woman called Raven Walton who’s involved in his video productions.

He was also in a relationship with Instagram star Kayla Pillar, who played a major role in his career’s success. She was also a regular appearance in his videos and often doubling-up as an administrator, camera person, and scriptwriter. They broke up in 2019. 

This star also has a child from a previous relationship. 

Is Patty Mayo an actor or a bounty hunter?

‘He Helped Me Repo His Girlfriend’s Car!’ is one of Mayo’s most popular videos. The views are more than 34 million on YouTube. With Mayo gaining immense success, thanks to his creative vlogs, the question arises as to whether he’s a real bounty hunter or not.

Patty Mayo Net Worth

Well, in reality, Mayo is an actor. Mayo does most of his video shootings in Deschutes County, Oregon. He is not a member of any law enforcement agency in the state of or other counties in the US. DBSO, the law enforcement office in which Mayo and his team are a part of in the videos, is not real. It’s nothing but a fictional sheriff’s office Mayo created for his YouTube content. 

His outfits, vehicles, and arms he and his crew use are props and costumes which they privately obtain. They do not belong to any law enforcement agency. In fact, every person you see in his videos is part of his production crew! 

So, even though Mayo may be just a character, he has garnered tons of fans and is obviously allowing him to make a career out of it. 

And don’t worry, because what he and his team are doing is not a crime. In fact, the Oregon’s Sherriff office stated that paid actors who make YouTube videos are not necessarily committing a crime. The only thing they need to make sure is that the videos and activities cause no harm or danger to anybody.

How much does Patty Mayo make on YouTube?

As of 2020, Mayo’s channel has over 9 million subscribers. He has received over a billion views so far. Thus, his channel gets an average of 800,000 views each day from different sources. So Mayo earns a rough estimate of $4,000 in a day and $1.5 million in a year. This income is inclusive of ads that appear on the videos as well. 

MonthEstimated Revenue
January 2020$49.3k
February 2020$11.3k
March 2020$6.35k
July 2020$24.6k
August 2020$13k
September 2020$190k

Patty Mayo Net Worth

This famous vlogger’s occupation is the creation of content on YouTube. And with his bounty hunter videos, Mayo has become one of the most popular YouTube personalities. 

How much Patty Mayo makes

So, it’s no surprise that Mayo has made millions of dollars by posting his videos on the internet. Currently, Mayo’s estimated net worth is about $2.5 million

Patty Mayo Additional Income

Apart from making money off of YouTube, Mayo makes additional income through sponsorship deals with Leo Green and EvoGimbles.

He also gets extra income from advertising revenue from his YouTube videos’ views, sale of his merchandise, and other brand endorsements. 

About Patty Mayo

Usually, YouTubers get paid $2-$7 per 1000 monetized views. These monetized views range between 40% and 80% of the total views.

Numerous factors influence these views, like the viewer’s location, the device played on, the number of ads on the video, ad inventory, the kind of advertisement, type of content, etc. In this way, Mayo makes additional income when he gets more views on his videos.  

Another way of earning additional income is through YouTube Red viewers. These viewers pay a monthly fee for viewing premium content while also watching videos without ads help. This helps Mayo make extra money through the watch time of the video. So, if a subscriber watches Mayo’s videos for a long time, he gets paid for it.


With over nine million subscribers, no doubt, Patty Mayo has earned fame and fortune through his social media content.

And even though the show is scripted, the merchandise sales, brand endorsements, and revenue prove that his content strategy is working really well. He also has 353k followers on Instagram.

Surely, being a Youtuber is not an easy task. They need to come up with interesting content that will spark the interest of viewers. It should also be very entertaining that subscribers don’t skip the video at any point.

Doing so will ultimately affect the YouTuber’s additional income. And if the content becomes monotonous, they might lose subscribers as well.

With Mayo’s sense of humor and creativity, surely he is doing justice to his videos as they are almost always fun to watch. No wonder his massive fan following only seems to be growing with each passing day!

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