How Much Money Does Tyler1 Makes On Twitch & YouTube?


How Much Money Does Tyler1 Make A Year? – Loltyler1 has an estimated net worth of $4.3 million. By knowing the fact that you can earn more money even by streaming online.

Whereas, in this internet world many online jobs were introduced, among that one of the highest money-making career platforms is online video streaming.

Yet, it is hard to believe that you can make millions of dollars from online streaming then after knowing about Tyler1 income you won’t have any doubt regarding this. A famous American YouTube personality and Twitch streamer is tyler1.

His popularity has been formed through playing and streaming the topmost game League of Legends which is developed by Riot Games. His notorious behavior towards other players earned him the name “The most toxic player” in North America. 

Tyler1’s real name is Tyler Steinkamp whereas he is known well among the people with his online alias as tyler1 or T1 and he was born on March 7, 1995, in Missouri, U.S. Now he is currently living in New London, Missouri.

How Did Tyler Start His Career As A Streamer

He did his schooling in Mark Twain Senior High School and then he went to Central Methodist University (CMU) under the major Computer Science. He has been a running back in football at CMU. Before completing the degree he withdrew from the university.

He not only likes to play League of Legends also he is interested in playing various online games such as Overwatch, Counter-strike, Warcraft, Call of Duty, and much more. Just 25 years young guy who didn’t complete even his degree is now earning $2 million per year approximately through streaming online. 

How Did Tyler Start His Career As A Streamer?

From an early age itself, Tyler started to play League of Legends (LoL) and soon he became a master in it. Gradually, his interest in this game has grown and it became part of his life as well.

He is playing this game in the title name ‘Draven’ and his skillful game play made him achieve 14th rank in the League of Legends ladder. Along with playing he used to stream about the game as well.

How Much Tyler1 Gains From His YouTube Channel

Apart from gaming, he is known for his notorious behavior towards other players on his stream that increased his prominence. Due to his scandalous stream leads to getting banned from the game for a few years.

Even though after getting banned his popularity is not down whereas it happens to the opposite as his fan base started to grow for his Twitch channel loltyler1.

To improve his fan base even more he streamed a video named “A Day in the Life of Tyler1” which is of 45-minute duration for April fool’s day in 2018 got the media attention. Then he continued his journey as a streamer through streaming on other games like PUBG, etc.

In late 2017 he made an announcement on his stream regarding the mail he received from Riot Games. In the mail, they said that his ban might be lifted at the end of the year once his game accounts of last month that he played are “clean” of abusive behavior.

How Much Tyler1 Makes Out Of Twitch A Year

Then in January 2018, he announced he is unbanned and it is also confirmed by the Riot Games as well. His first stream after being unbanned peaked in the count of viewers and it broke the record of the individual streamer’s concurrent viewers on Twitch.

Then his channel popularity increased and the count of viewers and subscribers of his Twitch and YouTube channel grew rapidly.

How Much Tyler1 Makes Out Of Twitch A Year?

Basically, in Twitch the streamers make money through streaming the video and gain based on the count of views and subscribers. Apart from that, they can also earn ad revenue, donations, and bits too. While Loltyler1 has more than 15,000 subscribers and his videos peak and gain 382,000 viewers.

Based on this he is making an average of $2.5 per month from each stream whereas in total he earns up to $37,500 per month and for a year it might be $450,000.

How Much Tyler1 Gains From His YouTube Channel?

Like Twitch, YouTube is also a great online platform for streamers and it is used by people worldwide. Tyler’s YouTube channel has more than 1.6 million subscribers and has gathered over 300 million.

Based on his subscriptions and views he may get on average $1,000 per day and for a year he can make up to $365,000. YouTube pays the streamers in a range of $2 to $5 per 1000 monetized views and they can gain from advertisements as well.

How Much Money Does Tyler1 Make A Year

Also, there is a program in this that allows streamers to earn additional from this by gaining the YouTube Red viewers, and based on their watch time on premium content they will get paid. Based on this fact Tyler1 is making a good profit out of it through his channel.

How Much Additional Earning Does Tyler1 Make?

Tyler1 is well-known with his channel Loltyler1 on Twitch and YouTube with which he’s making thousands of dollars a month. His popularity has not ended with online streaming as he is making profit from merchandising too.

How Much Additional Earning Does Tyler1 Make

Other than the earnings from subscriptions he gains in addition from Twitch and YouTube subs/ donations along with that he gains from merchandise sales of selling various products are reformed tees, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, and mouse mats. Along with that, he is also selling a pre-workout supplement of the brand called Blood Rush.

Being entertaining streamer Tyler1 fame has grown rapidly and it became his career too also he is making great profit out of it. It is hard to estimate the revenue of Tyler1 as the views of his video on YouTube and Twitch differs day to day.

In a day, he is making hundreds of dollars through streaming online. Tyler achieved popularity which made him host Tyler1 championship series. Tyler has better earnings by streaming online with his skill sets and he has been listed on top-paid streamers whereas this shows that he can make a profit with skills even without high educational qualification.

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