Pokémon Go Best Movesets | New Update

Pokemont Go Best MoveSets – Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games in the world. It came out in 2016 and took the world with a bang as it combined mobile gaming with augmented reality. Pokémon Go was the most downloaded game of the 106 and recently crossed one billion downloads this year.

The game faced many technical issues in the beginning. Players would find themselves unable to use the AR technology that was incorporated into the game and it would freeze up after a while, the game developers persevered and fixed those issues.

Many people say that the sheer volume of the people using the game is what created these issues. Nevertheless, even today, millions of people play Pokémon Go. Every update brings new features into the game, making it more and more like the Gameboy Pokémon games it was inspired by.

Nowadays, the game has also included move sets which players can use to battle against each other’s Pokémon in a gym battle. This is a very cool concept and is derived from the original Pokémon games.

If you’re interested in the best move set after the previous update, you’re in the right place! In this post, we have a list of move sets that every Pokémon has- whether it’s a common or legendary Pokémon. Read on to find out more.

Pokémon Go Best Move sets

pokemon go spreadsheet

Even though Stats (IV) and Combat Power (CP) may seem like the most important factors for a Pokémon Go player, movesets play an undeniably critical role in the game. Where movesets are the combination of your quick move as well as your charge move that your Pokémon uses in both Raid battles and Gym Battles.

The fascinating, though most inconvenient thing about movesets is that they’re randomly determined. For instance, you hatch or catch a Snorlax, whatever you get is not as influential to your monster as the IV and CP.

But if you evolve a Blissey, Dragonite, Gyarados, Slaking, Tryanitar etc. or when you catch a Boss right after a Gym Raid, movesets are determined through a dice roll when you hit the evolve button or once the Premiere Ball stops bouncing.

That means your Shelgon of a perfect IV can become almost as good as a Salamence depending on the mood of the almighty server. Fortunately, Technical Machines (TMs) gives you the chance to improve your movesets by replacing awful movesets for the perfect ones for your monster.

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Pokémon Go Moveset Spreadsheet

If what you want is some quick reference for the best move set of the mightiest Pokémon (CP) in their most suitable roles (Attack or Defence) in Pokémon Go for the most recent update as of September 2019, then go through the list below.

For the Mythical and Legendary Pokémon:

Armoured MewtwoConfusion + Future Sight
ArticunoFrost Breath + Ice Beam or Blizzard
CelebiConfusion + Dazzling Gleam
CresseliaConfusion + Futuresight
DeoxysZen Headbutt + Zap Cannon
DialgaDragon Breath + Draco Meteor
EnteiFire Spin + Overheat
GiratinaShadow Claw + Dragon Claw
GroudonMud Shot + Earthquake
Ho-OhExtrasensory + Solar Beam
JirachiConfusion + Doom Desire
KyogreWaterfall + Hydro Pump
LatiasDragon Breath + Dragon Claw
LatiosDragon Breath + Solar Beam
LugiaExtrasensory + Future Sight
MelmetalThunder Shock + Thunderbolt
MeltanThunder Shock + Thunderbolt
MewDragon Tail + Solar Beam
MewtwoConfusion + Psychic
MoltresFire Spin + Overheat
PalkiaDragon Breath + Draco Meteor
RaikouThunder Shock + Wild Charge
RayquazaDragon Tail + Outrage
RegiceFrost Breath + Blizzard
RegirockRock Throw + Stone Edge
RegisteelMetal Claw + Flash Cannon
SuicuneHidden Power Water/Extrasensory + Hydro Pump
ZapdosCharge Beam + Thunder Bolt

The best Pokémon Go movesets sheet

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can always benefit from determining which movesets for what monster helps you win like a pro in PvP Trainer Battles and how to be a terminator in Raids and Gyms, while knowing what move sets an eminent loss are just. That’s why the following is the updated 2019 list.

After we talking about Mythical and Legendary Pokémon, here the list for the non-Legendary Pokémon:

VenusaurVine Whip + Solar BeamRazor Leaf + Solar Beam
VaporeonWater Gun + Hydro PumpWater Gun + Aqua Tail
UsaringCounter + Hyper BeamCounter + Hyper Beam
TyranitarBite + Crunch
Smack Down + Stone Edge
Iron Tail + Crunch
TyphlosionEmber + OverheatEmber + Overheat
TogakissAir Slash + Dazzling GleamHidden Power Normal + Dazzling Gleam
SwampertWater Gun + SurfWater Gun + Surf
JolteonThunder Shock + ThunderboltVolt Switch + Discharge or Thunderbolt
SnorlaxZen Headbutt + Hyper BeamZen Headbutt + Hyper Beam
(Zen Headbutt + Body Slam)
SlakingYawn + Hyper BeamYawn + Play Rough
ScizorBullet Punch + Iron HeadBullet Punch + Iron Head
SceptileBullet Seed + Leaf BladeBullet Seed + Leaf Blade
SalamenceDragon Tail + Draco MeteorDragon Tail + Draco Meteor
RoseradePoison Jab + Sludge BombRazor Leaf + Solar Beam
RhyperiorSmack Down + Stone EdgeSmack Down + Stone Edge
RhydonMud Slap + Stone EdgeMud Slap + Stone Edge
PinserBug Bite + X-ScissorRock Smash + X-Scissor
OmastarWater Gun + Rock Blast
(Rock Throw + Rock Slide)
Water Gun + Rock Blast
(Rock Throw + Rock Slide)
MukPoison Jab + Gunk ShotPoison Jab + Gunk Shot
Mr. MimeConfusion + Shadow BallConfusion + Shadow Ball or Psychic
MiloticWaterfall + SurfWaterfall + Surf
MetagrossBullet Punch + Flash Cannon
(Meteor Mash)
Zen Headbutt + Flash Canon
(Meteor Mash)
MamoswinePowder Snow + AvalancheMud Slap + Avalanche
MachampCounter + Dynamic PunchCounter + Dynamic Punch
LaprasFrost Breath + BlizzardBubble + Water Pulse
KinglerBubble + Water PulseBubble + Water Pulse
HeracrossCounter + Close CombatStruggle Bug + Close Combat
HariyamaCounter + Dynamic PunchCounter + Dynamic Punch
Walrein Frost Breath + Blizzard Frost Breath + Blizzard
GyaradosWaterfall + Hydro Pump or OutrageWaterfall + Hydro Pump
GolemRock Throw + Stone EdgeRock Throw + Stone Edge
GengarHex + Shadowball
(Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball)
Hex + Shadowball
(Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball)
GardevoirConfusion + Dazzling GleamConfusion + Dazzling Gleam
FlareonFire Spin + OverheatFire Spin + Overheat
FeraligatrWater Gun + Hydro PumpWater Gun + Ice Beam
ExeggutorExtrasensory + Solar BeamExtrasensory + Solar Beam
EspeonConfusion + Future SightConfusion or Zen Headbutt + Psybeam
ElectivireThunder Shock + Wild ChargeThunder Shock + Wild Charge
DragoniteDragon Tail + OutrageDragon Tail + Outrage
DonphanCounter + EarthquakeCounter + Rough Play
CharizardFire Sping + OverheatFire Sping + Overheat
BlisseyZen Headbutt + Hyper BeamPound + Dazzling Gleam
BlazikenCounter + OverheatFirespin + Overheat
ArmaldoFury Cutter + Rock BlastStruggle Bug + Rock Blast
ArcanineFire Fang + Fire BlastSnarl + Fire Blast
AmphorosCharge Beam + Zap CannonVolt Switch + Zap Cannon
AlakazamConfusion + Future SightConfusion + Shadow Ball
(Dazzling Gleam)
AggronIron Tail + Heavy SlamIron Tail + Heavy Slam
AerodactylSteel Wing + Hyper BeamSteel Wing + Ancient Power

Pokemon Go Moveset Calculator

I want to talk about two resources that you can use that will tell you which move sets are best in a much easier to read format than the spreadsheets the first is a relatively unknown app called, move sets for Pokemon go and it basically takes the information from the spreadsheets and puts it into a much easier to read format.

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What are the best movesets for Regice?

So right now we have regice later on in the summer we’re gonna switch out to Reggie Rock and Reggie steal the Reggie trio Reggie coming from the Latin word meaning Nintendo so we’ve had regice for a day already a lot of you have probably already beaten it and caught it.

But here’s what you need to know about the first Reggie regice as with all the Reggie trio they’re more defensive Pokemon and as we know you can’t put legendary Pokemon in gyms.

So they kind of fall in this weird place in Pokemon go so as a nice type it’s it’s pretty good it has really high defense so it can be a good tanky Pokemon to use in certain situations.

But going by pokey battler simulations against a raid boss that you would ideally use ice type Pokemon against Rayquaza if it ever comes back in the future regice is ranked 11th overall in DPS against rayquaza.

What are the best movesets for Mew?

Alright again mu is not a type of Pokemon you are out because you want it to specialize in something alright far better choices out there yeah with that being said let’s go ahead and go over some of muse stats mu is a psychic-type pokémon.

You can only have one and the only way of doing so is by completing all of the challenges on special quests all right and just like every other Pokemon that you encounter the request is going to be level 15.

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All right all of them are going to be level 15 and no they do not get any type of weather boost all right so if you are looking for in hundred percent Mew then congratulations the CP is going to be one thousand three hundred and twenty four.

What are the best movesets for Latios?

If you have Latios right now congratulations it is the better of the two if you have lots yes right now sorry you don’t get as long with the other one the two Pokemon have the same typing dragon and psychic which means they have the same counters.

For Latios perfect IVs at level 20 no weather booths you’re looking at twenty eighty two two zero eight two with a weather boost level twenty five to six zero three four Lottie s nineteen twenty nine one nine to nine no weather boosts perfect IVs with the weather boost 24 12 2412.

They have access to similar move sets for fast moves you’re gonna want dragon breath it’s probably the better choice and one of the better moves in the game though if you need a psychic type attackers and head but could be okay psychics not that great in the current meta unless you’re soloing the champs.

What is the best moveset for Registeel?

Reggie Steele is the most interesting Reggie Pokemon for me just because of how in the middle it is that the speed stays the same but everything else gets split evenly that step 200 one defensive stat and 100 and the other it’s 150 in both.

And same for the offenses that instead of 100 in the offensive end 50 in the lower 175 for both now that’s a little worse I guess because Reggie still doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be a special attacker.

But mean for the defensive trade it’s really good that 80 hit points and then 150 in both defenses is just absurd but it’s a legendary Pokemon so it’s to be understood also it’s a steel typing which is the best defensive typing out of all of them that you only have three weaknesses.

Instead of four or five and a lot of resistances as well as an immunity so you can use it to switch in and also since you’re going to have that immunity poison you can’t be toxic so Reggie still just seems like it’s going to be the strongest as well has the most reliability has the most durability.

What’s the best moveset for Celebi?

Celebi mythical legendary Pokemon 100 base that’s across the board so not really too much to talk about here, however when we look at typing grass psychic there’s a lot to talk about.

Mostly weaknesses grass psychic typing one of those typings that has four weaknesses and one for time super inventive weakness you’re going to have a hard time trying to do much against a lot of Taipings.

Now you do have six resistances that’s pretty nice but all those weaknesses flying poison bug ghosts fire ice and dark that grass just stacking with the psychic and making it to where you’re either weak against everything resistant against a lot or if you know a few neutral hits and yeah it’s that’s just kind of Celebi.

Pokemon Moveset Guide

Now that you know all about the move sets that are available, it’s worth remembering that, as we’ve already mentioned, these are completely random. This means that you will probably not get the best move sets all at once. So, what do you do?

We’ve got some tips and tricks for you!

First of all, the concept of battling is to make sure that you do the most damage to your opponent in the least amount of time so that you don’t get damaged in return. If your opponent has a weak Pokémon than you can easily win via two or three moves.

But if you’re facing an opponent of equal caliber, you’ll have to be sleek. Make use of a combination of defensive and offensive moves. For example, if you get the first move, it’s smart to use an offensive move to check out how well it damages your opponent. Then use a defensive move to counter any attack.

It’s really all about strategy and you can even use TMs to get better moves. Yes, you heard that right. Just like the old Gameboy games, you can use TMs to give certain moves to your Pokémon. It’s a quick way to get the best move sets as well so you better watch out for those!

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