Rosanna Pansino Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend – 2021

Rosanna Pansino Net Worth – $10 million

Rosanna Panino is a famous American YouTuber, Baker, Singer, Author, and Hollywood actress. As of 2021, Rosanna Pansino’s has an estimated net worth over $10 million. Before her rise to fame through YouTube, she was ambitiously pursuing her career in acting. She has over 12 million followers on YouTube. It also makes her one of the highest-paid women on YouTube. She was also once Forbes’s top food influencer of 2017.

She is more popularly known for her geeky internet cooking show called Nerdy Nummies. The show teaches its viewers how to do theme-based baking. The show has released around 377 videos in total to date and 47 Billion views all combined. Besides just baking, she does a wide variety of other content on her YouTube channel as well. She also has released three catchy music videos racking up millions of views. 

Besides cooking and music, she also does let us play videos, which is a popular type of YouTube show where you upload playthroughs of games for your audience to watch as you play.

Due to this variety of content types on her channel, she attracts views in hundreds of thousands every day, leading to increased revenue.

Rosanna Pansino Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Siblings, Parents

Net Worth$10 million
Real NameRosanna Reardon
Age35 Years Old
BirthdayJune 8, 1985
Born inSeattle, Washington
Height147 cm/4 feet 10 inches
Live inLos Angeles
BoyfriendMike Lamond
SiblingsMolly Lu
ParentsFather/Dad: Known as Papa Pizza
Mother: Known as Mamma Mia
YouTube ChannelRosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino was born on June 8, 1985, in Seattle, Washington. Early on in her life, she was inspired by her grandmother to start baking. She also has a sister who has also appeared and assisted her in numerous videos on her YouTube channel.  

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Although she loved to bake, Rosanna wanted to pursue a career in acting, which she decided to follow after her college further. She has appeared in numerous minor roles, including a cheerleader on glee and a hand double for the boy on ghost whisperer. However, her most prominent role to date was appearing on the reality show Scream Queens.

As of now, she is unmarried but is presently dating the well know commentator Mike Lamond. Mike Lamond is also popularly known as Husky and is an esports commentator and is currently assisting her in her video making journey.

How Did Rosanna Pansino Start Her Career? 

rosanna pansino boyfriend and sister

Rosanna Pansino first joined YouTube in April 2010. Even while working in Hollywood as an actress, she used to post random videos on YouTube. Initially, she did not start with her hit series Nerdy Nummies but uploaded vlog videos. 

While pursuing her acting career, she was given a choice to either stop making videos for her YouTube channel and focus more of her time on her acting career by her agent. Even though faced with the tough decision of letting go of her childhood dream, she decided to leave her acting career behind and focus on her YouTube career. However, it would prove to be one of the best decisions she would make in her life. Later on, she went on to produce her hit series called Nerdy Nummies and also going on to do numerous other projects and collaborations with other YouTubers.

As of 2021, Rosanna Pansino’s has an estimated net worth more than $10 million million.

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She currently has around 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel with a combined total view of 3 billion, almost nearing the 4 billion mark. Her most popular video currently stands at 214 million views, uploaded on April 29, 2014. In the video, her sister appears as a special guest. It also comes as no surprise that the video is part of her super hit show called Nerdy Nummies.  Most of her top viewed videos have been from Nerdy Nummies.

She also has been doing a lot of collaborations with other popular YouTubers on her show. Ideally, it helps bring in more viewers not only for her but also for the guest YouTuber. Some of the more notable guests on her shows are Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning, Markiplier, the popular gaming YouTuber, James Charles, and last but not least, Captain Sparklez. Her videos have an average of around 500k views daily.

How Much Money Does Rosanna Pansino Make From YouTube? 

rosanna pansino bio

Rosanna Pansino is one of the community’s early YouTube pioneers, with a staggering 12 million subscribers and over 3 trillion total views combined. 

She also recently enabled subscriptions on YouTube. By clicking on the join button for her channel grants you access to exclusive members on content such as: 

  • Custom Cute Emojis.
  • Special Video Polls.
  • Discounts on future apparel.

The fees for joining will cost you $ 2.99 for a lifetime subscription. Her creative and popular channel on YouTube brings her an average of around $ 100 k daily earnings from ad revenue to about $ 2.5 million a year (according to Forbes). Her average monthly salary is estimated to be around $400,000. She is also one of the most highly paid women on YouTube.

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How much side Income does Rosanna Pansino Make?

rosanna pansino biography

Besides her YouTube earning Rosanna Pansino, which contributes to at least 90 percent of her revenue, she also has released two cookbooks. Her first cookbook made it to New York’s Times bestseller list. Though her second cookbook did not make it to the plan, both her cookbooks, bring her additional side income, adding to her already massive revenue.  Although she has yet to open her merch line and consider her huge fan following, it will inevitably bring in sales.

Rosanna Pansino FAQs

  • An episode of her hit show Nerdy Nummies takes at least five days to complete.
  • Rosanna Pansino’s love for games is very much apparent if you glance at her videos and Nintendo games to be more specific. Nintendo noticed this and decided to show her love and appreciation by featuring her in its games. 
  • She underwent elective surgery to freeze her eggs.
  • She has also revealed that she has dyslexia, a learning disability. 
  • She also bears a rich heritage and is of Italian, Croatian, German, and Irish ancestry. 

As of 2021, Rosanna Pansino’s has an estimated net worth over $10 million million.

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