xQc Net Worth (Update 2021), Age, Height, Girlfriend, Facts

xQc Net Worth- $4 Million

xQc is a famous Twitch streamer and YouTuber from Canada, his real name is Felix Lengyel. As of 2021, xQc has an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars. His fans know him for the sentinel streaming and playing the first half of Season One for the Dallas fuel during the Overwatch League. 

He went on to join the gladiators legion and played the role of the main tank for three consecutive years for team Canada in the world cup held for Overwatch. After starting his “xQc reacts” YouTube channel, he became one of Twitch’s biggest live streamers. 

xQc Personal Info, Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend

Net worth$4 Million
Real nameFelix Lengyel
Age25 years old
Birth dateNovember 12, 1995
Born inLaval, Quebec, Canada
Height6 ft 2 inches
Lives inTexas
Weight130 lbs
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
YouTubexQc reacts

Born in Laval on 12 November 1995, Felix Lengyel is a 25-year-old professional gamer standing 6 feet 2 inches tall. His brother, Nicholas Lengyel, and he share a very close relationship. 

After graduating from high school, xQc attended a public school-CEGEP majoring in Humanities. xQc was interested in playing video games since he was a child and enjoyed skateboarding as well. xQc began streaming League of Legends on Twitch in French. 

After Overwatch came into the gaming scene, he got hooked on it and became a professional player in esports. He started his own YouTube channel called xQc, where he talks about his career in Twitch and even about his mother sometimes.

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Much of xQc’s love life is unknown n as he keeps himself focused on gaming and streaming. Allegedly, he is reportedly dating his roommate Adept who is also a twitch streamer. They share the same house and are roommates. She also appears in some of his Twitch streaming.

After finding massive success as a streamer, he has mostly left his esports gaming life behind. His YouTube channel is a mix of funny videos and weird content reactions that has propelled his fame to greater heights.

How did xQc start his career?

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Felix’ Felix’ xQc” Lengyel’s professional gaming career started when he played as the main tank in team Q for Overwatch. Some of the team members, along with xQc, grouped after the original group disbanded and played games. Their first name for the group was, ”YIKES” which was changed to ”6” later on. 

In 2017, xQc was part of the Dallas fuel in Overwatch League as a leading player. After a short break from professional gamin, he returned after winning a match in opposition to the Los Angeles Gladiators at the stage two games. 

xQc joined a branch of the Los Angeles Gladiators, called the Gladiator’s Legion, in 2019, and was the substitution for the main tank in Overwatch contesters.

In 2017, he was a part of Team Canada in the campaign for Overwatch World Cup and qualified by winning against the Netherlands but was unable to defeat the standing champions of South Korea. 

xQc joined the Canadian National Team with some other prominent players like Lance Surefour and Lucas NotE Meissner without going through the traditional trial process. 

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After finishing with second place in the group stage, xQc qualified for the quarterfinals at Blizzcon.

How much money does xQc make on YouTube?

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As of 2012, xQc’s net worth stands at 4 million dollars. His total following is over 4 million on social media and streaming platforms. His primary source of income is through his social media platforms like his twitch channel and YouTube channel. He has also won a substantial amount of money as a pro-gamer and for taking part in tournaments. 

He has over 1.19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His YouTube videos include him reacting to funny clips. His over-the-top reactions on YouTube have also gained him several followers and grew his fan base.

On his Twitch channel, he has over 40,000 subscribers and is one of the most subbed-to streamers. In 2020, Felix’ Felix’ xQc” Lengyel was the most-watched streamer on Twitch with 147 million watch time hours. 

Estimating his ad revenue from YouTube and twitch, he earns about 1 to 2 million dollars yearly. This netting is only from streaming and making YouTube content. His consistent uploads on YouTube and creativity in his content have also garnered many people’s attention. xQc’s videos get thousands of views which earn him more than 1 million dollars annually.

How much side income does xQc earn?

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With an average of about 225k to 330 k each month, xQc earns a fair amount of his income from sponsorships, especially his GFUEL support.

At the top of the list for the highest plaid Twitch streamer for 2020 is xQc, earning about 1,984,000 million dollars from streaming alone. xQc’s most well-known streaming as of 2021 can be attributed to his Among Us and Overwatch streams.

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Twitch Partners and affiliates receive 50% of the total subscription fee. Felix’ xQc” Lengyel has more than 32,000 subscribers on Twitch, from which he earns $2.5 per subscriber every month, which adds up to $80,000 a month. 

Another way in which xQc earns money is through Cheering, which is a feature on Twitch. With this feature, you can cheer with bits in the chat, which costs $1.4 per cheer. You can cheer for your desired number of times wherein the streamer gets $1, and Twitch receives 0.4 cents.

Since he is one of the most subscribed to streamers on Twitch, he earns over 135,000 per month from his subscribers, which average about 20,000 per stream.

He has also released his merchandise line, which enjoys a huge success selling out, so he earns a reasonable sum of money by selling merchandise.

Interesting facts about xQc

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• xQc was awarded the T-Mobile MVP for Overwatch World Cup Tournament Award in 2017

• He rarely takes sponsorship deals or has partnerships where he can earn extra income, so he makes relatively a lower amount than other streamers and YouTubers.

• xQc is signed to Luminosity gamer as an influencer, so his income is not scarce at all.

• He is one of the wealthiest Twitch stars from Canada. • In 2019, he played about 365 different games, which keeps up his consistent engagement with his audience and earns him that much subscribers count and following.

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